Vertical Miles fidelity program for Proflyers

Are you a Proflyer and a regular at our windtunnel? Take advantage of our loyalty program set up to reward you. Earn miles and benefit from the program by spending them on flying time.

A program designed for regular Proflyers

You cannot keep yourself from flying in our windtunnel? As a frequent flyer you deserve to be rewarded! This is why Airspace Indoor Skydiving has created the frequent flyer program "Vertical Miles", designed to count the miles flown at each of your flights.

Every minute spent in our windtunnel is worth 20 Miles.

You can consult your balance at any time by logging in to your Airspace Account.

Miles Card

Attractive rewards

Accumulated, your miles can quickly take value!

  • 600 Miles give you the right to one minute for flying time
  • They can also be exchanged in articles from our store

Proflyers welcome

As one of Europe’s most renowned windtunnels, Airspace Indoor Skydiving is also a reference for Proflyers looking for excellence in high level infrastructure and technology to train. In addition to our Vertical Miles frequent flyer program, we also offer them an infrastructure tailored to their needs and the possibility to book coaching from some of the worlds best skydivers in our Instructor Dream Team!

Come visit us already now and discover our Proflyer rates!

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