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Do you want to know more about our Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel in Charleroi? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Book your Indoor Skydiving session now to experience the extraordinary and unforgettable sensation of human flight.

What is an Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel?

Although skydiving for the general public developed in the 70s and 80s, it took a few more years to see the appearance of the first Indoor Skydiving wind tunnels. Basically, these types of facilities were created for experienced parachutists to be able to train. Later they would gradually start opening up to beginners and even become a sport of its own. Airspace Indoor Skydiving was the first wind tunnel to open its doors in Belgium in 2014.

What are the advantages of Indoor Skydiving wind tunnels?

The type of experience we offer in our wind tunnel located in Charleroi, has many advantages over conventional skydiving, while offering the same sensations:

  • A wind tunnel flight corresponds to two skydives from an altitude of 4000 meters.
  • No weather restrictions.
  • A more advantageous price whether you are a beginner or a Pro Flyer, thus making it an activity accessible to more people.
  • A secure activity supervised by experienced skydivers.
  • An experience for everyone, even if you are scared of heights or flying in aeroplanes.

How does an Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel work?

Our Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel in Charleroi, the first in Belgium, is equipped with the industry’s best German technology. Our tunnel is 17 meters high, including 5 meters of glass at a diameter of 4,5 meters, making it one of the highest wind tunnels in Europe. Our wind tunnel can reach a max speed of 310 km/h. The operating principle is quite simple, it is a modern installation whose power will be adjusted according to your weight and size.

What are the requirements to fly?

Our Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel is open to all persons over the age of 4 years and weighing less than 120 kg. Access to the wind tunnel is prohibited for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We also advise against flying for:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with a disease for which the practice of a sport is prohibited.
  • People with back, neck or shoulder problems

Please describe the sequence of a flight?

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in our wind tunnel? This is how your experience will unfold:


Arrive at Airspace Indoor Skydiving at least one hour before your scheduled flight time to prepare effectively


All the necessary equipment for the flight in the wind tunnel will be provided: jumpsuit, goggles, earplugs and helmet. Before changing, be sure to remove your jewellery and empty your pockets. Please note: wearing sports shoes is recommended. Appropriate shoes are available on site if needed.


Your instructor will brief you on basic flight techniques (how to enter the tunnel, what position to fly) as well as the hand signals we use to communicate with each other once in the wind tunnel.


The adrenaline rises little by little… In a few seconds it will be your turn! You wait your turn in our anti chamber while watching your friends or colleagues flying for the very first time.


It's your turn! Try to enjoy these few minutes spent in the air.


Before giving you your flight diploma, your instructor will demonstrate his talents in the wind tunnel, a sport combining acrobatics and choreography.


Did you enjoy the sensation of free fall? At our restaurant and bar you can wind down with a view of the tunnel.


If you wish to keep a souvenir from your unforgettable experience you can purchase a photo and video pack at reception or online via

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