Learn everything there is to know about our windtunnel and about free fall

Learn about the principles of our windtunnel, that allows beginners and professionals to experience extraordinary feelings inside a 4,5 diameter windtunnel. Also learn about the most frequently asked questions concerning the practice of free fall in Belgium.

How is Indoor Skydiving and free fall practiced in Belgium?

Skydiving as a leisure activity was largely developed in the 70s and 80s, however it took a while longer for Indoor Skydiving to open up to the grand audience. The first windtunnels were initially only used to allow experienced skydivers to enhance their skills.

Indoor Skydiving has little by little become its own sport in which national and international competitions are organized.

The advantages of practicing Indoor Skydiving have quickly opened this activity to the grand audience, bringing with it the opening of windtunnels around the world. Opening in 2014, Airspace Indoor Skydiving became the first Indoor Skydiving windtunnel facility in Belgium.

  • A flight in a windtunnel is the equivalent of doing two skydives from a plane flying at 4000 meters of altitude
  • No need to worry about the weather forecast
  • A very interesting price for beginners as well as for Proflyers
  • An activity that you can practice in total safety
  • No fear of heights or flying
  • And still, the same feeling as a free fall from an airplane!

How does the windtunnel work?

Airspace Indoor Skydiving is a windtunnel built with the best German technology available on the market :

  • Diameter of 4.5 meters
  • 17 meters high, with a 5 meters high flight chamber. The highest windtunnel in Europe
  • Airspeeds up to 310 km/h

The principle of the windtunnel is simple: Air is propelled by motors whose power is adjusted according to the size and weight of the person flying.

What are the requirements for flying?

It is really simple : You need to be more than 4 years old, weigh less than 120 kg and not have had a dislocated shoulder. Flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also prohibited.

Who should also avoid indoor skydiving :

  • Pregnant women
  • People with an illness for which sport is prohibited, such as a heart problem
  • People with back, neck or shoulder problems

What is a flight like?

You have decided to attempt this amazing experience in our windtunnel and you have reserved your flight pack? Bravo! All that remains is to prepare for what awaits you.


Present yourself at Airspace Indoor Skydiving minimum one hour before your flight. Indeed, some time before your flight is necessary to effectively prepare for the flight.


We will provide you with all necessary equipment for the flight: Jumpsuit, goggles, earplugs and a helmet. Before flying, please take off all loose items such as jewelry and empty your pockets.
Attention : Wearing sneakers is recommended. If necessary we will provide you with appropriate footwear.


Your instructor will brief you on basic flying techniques such as how to enter the tunnel, position as well as communication between you once in the windtunnel.


The adrenaline rises little by little… You will start in just a few seconds. You are awaiting your turn and watching your friends and colleagues try free fall.


It’s your turn! Profit from these precious minutes in the air.


Before handing you the human flight diploma, your instructor will carry out a small demonstration of his talents in Indoor Skydiving, a sport mixing acrobatics and choreography.


Extraordinary feelings, that feels good! Enjoy our bar and restaurant to recover from your flight experience.


Bring a little souvenir home with you by buying our photo and video pack at reception.

So, what are you waiting for?

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