A warm up for a skydive in Belgium

Want to experience the crazy feeling of a free fall in the sky? Before doing the big jump from a plane flying at 4000 meters, test in just a few minutes the feeling of free fall accompanied by our instructors in our free fall simulator just outside of the Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Great feelings guaranteed!

Future proflyer

Overcome your fears in a safe windtunnel

Since the beginning of time, human beings have dreamt of flying and defying the airs. An impossible dream, until the point where skydiving permitted them to live it.

An extreme experience that seduces those that have not yet experienced it and that do not fear the unknown. But to jump from a plane flying at 4000 meters may scare more than a beginner skydiver.

Do not abandon your dream of flying for long. Airspace Indoor Skydiving is a free fall simulator, that thanks to the windspeed that can reach 310 km/h allows us to spend several minutes in free fall. Enough to give a pre taste to a skydive, or to allow for those that cannot overcome their fear of flying in an airplane to experience free fall in a complete safe environment.

Proflyers in front of the windtunnel of Airspace

Why Indoor Skydiving?

  • It is cheaper than a skydive
  • Easy to organize
  • Your flight is not relying on the weather forecast
  • Maximum level of safety
  • You are accompanied by professional instructors
  • No delay: You get to fly at the reserved time
  • More time in freefall at a cheaper rate
  • The free fall simulator allows for you to learn the basics of free fall (position, movements…) to better prepared carry out a skydive

Skydiving vouchers

You have decided to go skydiving after having tested out our windtunnel? Take advantage of our gift vouchers allowing you to reserve your skydive at numerous skydiving centers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or book directly your first free fall!

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