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Fly IN & OUT

Always dreamed of a first indoor and outdoor flight? You want to experiment with an unforgettable feeling? After flying indoor, you will enjoy 40 seconds of freefall attached to your instructor, discovering a new world of breathtaking sensations at more than 200 km/h !! After opening of the canopy, you will fly for about 5 to 6 minutes and can quietly enjoy the view and landscape from the top, as you have never seen it before. Our team will take care of you with a special offer. This offer is made off 2 fly sessions at Airspace Indoor Skydiving (total length of the activity is about 1h30) and a tandem skydiving from 4000 meters at in a Belgian Dropzone.

Attention please: When you make a choise for your flight-time, keep in mind you are expected to be there at least one hour in advance. You will not be able to change your reservation with you account. Don’t forget to bring the confirmation email.

Pour toute réservation, veuillez nous contacter à l'adresse suivante: