Airspace S.A.
Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Rue Charles Lindbergh, 26
6041 Charleroi

+32 71 91 91 00

VAT number: 0846.954.510

KBC IBAN: BE78 7340 3585 8986 BIC: KREDBEBB

Opening Hours

10.00h – 19.00h

Closed on mondays and tuesdays.

Customer service


Close to the highway, next to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, easy to find and private parking. Follow the signs Aéropole / Fournisseur.

Once you see the big building Kheops; drive around it and stay towards the right.

Do not enter inside the airport car park. The street Charles Lindbergh is divided in two:

  1. The entrance to the airport car park
  2. The street for Airspace Indoor Skydiving!

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