Leader en pioneer in Belgium


Driven by mankind’s dream of flying, Airspace Indoor Skydiving chose for the latest and most silent vertical windtunnel technology worldwide.

Those vertical windtunnels meet the highest standards of German engineering and impress with their energy efficiency, design, safety and quality.

Airspace Indoor Skydiving – invested a lot in this project and generates more than 20 jobs. The windtunnel is open for first time flyers and skydivers and from all sectors of skydiving and offers the possibility to practice flying without jumping out of an airplane.

Of course, every enthusiast can try flying attended by an experienced trainer without previous knowledge.


The windtunnel has a diameter of 4.5 meters and has the highest flightchamber in Europe with its 17 meters height and 5 meters glass and a maximum airspeed of 310 km/h.

An extraordinary architecture offers every spectator the chance, to observate the breathtaking flight experience “LIVE”.

The windtunnel Airspace Indoor Skydiving is a reference for the (


The 25 meters high building is located near on an International Airport: Brussels South Charleroi Airport, with more than 7.000.000 passengers a year.

Airspace indoor Skydiving is located at:

  • 45 min. from Brussels City Centre, south of the Netherlands, north west of France, Luxemburg and western Germany.
  • 2 hours drive time from major cities such as Cologne, Paris and Amsterdam.


  • Shuttle bus service:
  • Direct line: Brugge – Gent – Charleroi Airport
  • Lille – Brussels South Charleroi Airport – Luxembourg – Metz
  • Brussels City – Charleroi Airport:
  • Strong catchment area with 5 Mio inhabitants within 1 hour drive time and more than 15 Mio people within 2 hours drive time.


Coordonnées: 02W50 ° 27’36 “N-004 ° 27’10” E